World Class Kids

( Israel / 2010 )
"An Arab, a Jew, a Chinese, and a Philippine walk to school ..." – sounds like the beginning of an old joke, but that's not the case. These are some of the second-grade pupils attending an Elementary School, in the heart of Tel Aviv. The film follows the class throughout one school-year, which becomes volatile as the Gaza War upsets the social dynamics in the classroom. With poignant intuition and uninhibited directness, unique to eight-year olds, the children point out basic conflicts in Israeli society, deal with painful identity issues, and experience the first cracks in their childhood naivety.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 54 min.
Theme: Children, Conflicts, Education, Family, Immigration and Migration, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Society, Youth
Language(s): Arabic, Chinese, English, Hebrew, Filipino
Subtitles: English, Hebrew
Director(s): Netta Loevy
Producer(s): Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky
Cinematographer: Emmanuelle Mayer
Editor(s): Tali Weissman
World Class Kids

Academic Notes

  • Yuval Benziman, Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, University of Maryland
    "More than any other film or text I taught, "World Class Kids" had the strongest impact on the class. The clash between the Israeli national narrative and the "real" Israeli kids and their daily lives was striking. Although it is a "heavy" and difficult subject, since the protagonists are kids all the conflicts and dilemmas are both serious and funny at the same time. This film opened the eyes of the students in the class to explore the difference between what they thought Israel is about, and what it really is."

awards & accolades

  • EBS International Documentary Film Festival - Grand Prize of "Issues in Education
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival - Jury Special Award for Best Documentary – "Spirit of Freedom"

Festival participation

  • EBS International Documentary Film Festival 2011
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010
  • Bucharest Jewish Film Festival 2011
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2011
  • Reel Israel, Cleveland 2011
  • Film IsReal, Holland 2011
  • Washington Jewish Film Festival 2010
  • Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival 2010
  • Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2010
  • Other Israel Film Festival NY 2010

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Additional Info

Production Company: Eden Productions
Distribution Company: Cinephil

World Class Kids

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