White Rage

( Finland / 2016 )
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Lauri is an academic researcher and respected scientist specializing in human aggression and violence. During his childhood, he experienced extreme bullying. At two points – as a teen and again as a university student – he began to develop serious fantasies about committing mass murder. The documentary goes through Lauri's life journey; how he became a carrier of "white rage" and how he took action to fight against this phenomena and stop it from over taking him.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 52/70 min.
Theme: Children, Conflicts, Crime, Education, Family, Personal Story, Politics, Society see all »
Language(s): English, Finnish
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Arto Halonen
Producer(s): Arto Halonen
Excluded regions: Finland
White Rage


  • Arto Halonen imaginatively investigates the link between bullying and acts of horrific school violence... Recommended.
    Video Librarian
  • White Rage is like a mirror in which every one of us should look into.
    Jussi Virratvuori, Karjalainen
  • An important film that everyone should see.
  • White Rage is an important conversation starter
    Jussi U. Pellonpää, FilmiFin

Quotes & Tweets

  • Finnish Psychological Association’s blog
    Every psychologist and psychology students should see this film.

awards & accolades

  • Jaipur International Film Festival - Green Rose award
  • Docs Against Gravity - Special Mention
  • Rokkumenti - Opening Film

Festival participation

  • Jaipur International Film Festival
  • Rauman Blue Sea
  • Karama Film Festival
  • Monterrey Film Festival
  • Manaki Brothers Madedonia
  • Oldenburg Film Festival
  • Mexico DocsDF
  • One World Prague
  • Docs Against Gravity
  • Thessaloniki
  • Oldenburg Film Festival
  • Rokkumenti
  • Reyjkjavik Film Festival
  • Moscow Esperanze Film Festival

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Additional Info

Production Company: Art Films Production
Distribution Company: First Hand Films

White Rage

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