Two Raging Grannies

( Norway / 2014 )
In this touching and thought-provoking documentary two octogenarians challenge the idea that we must continue to shop, consume, amass, and keep the economy growing. Armed with courage, humor, a long friendship and a zest for life, Shirley and Hinda take to cities and towns across the US to engage everyone from the recently homeless to economy students, to growth economists and Wall Street tycoons, questioning the sustainability of continued economic growth, and demonstrating that it is never – ever – too late to get out and make a difference.
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Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 77 min
Theme: Activism, Business, Current Affairs, Economy, Humor, Politics, Senior Citizenship, Society see all »
Language(s): English
Director(s): Haavard Bustness
Producer(s): Håvard Bustnes
Two Raging Grannies


  • A low-key touching masterpiece
    Jørgen Steen Nielsen, INFORMATION
  • Political activism with humor and wit is not only for young media pranksters like the Yes Men
    Nikolaj Mangurten Rubin, EKKO
  • A beautiful, life affirming and very original film
    Louise Kidde Sauntvedt, BERLINGSKE

Festival participation

  • Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden 2014
  • Documenta, Spain 2014
  • Green Film Festival, Korea 2014

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Additional Info

Production Company: Faction Film
Distribution Company: Films Transit

  • Many will argue that the question of economic growth should be left to the economists, as macroeconomics is so complicated that it takes years of studies to understand how it works. My opinion is that, for this exact reason it is vital that we ask these questions, even though economists use a language that is difficult to understand.When I met Shirley and Hinda I was amazed by their energy and I was touched by their friendship and willingness to fight for a better future for their grandchildren. These girls have the spark and want to be alive until the last breath of life. If I’ll be half as cool and alive as these two women, I will not be afraid of getting old.

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Two Raging Grannies

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