( Argentina, Mexico / 2016 )
A group of innocent people is charged with human trafficking and thrown into prison. The authorities announce they’ve dealt a blow to organised crime; the public is reassured. Tempestad is a road movie: 2000 kilometres by bus from Matamoros to Cancún, through a blustery, overcast, bleak country. In her second feature documentary, Tatiana Huezo has a young mother recount her journey through hell: innocent, robbed of her liberty, she’s handed over to those for whom she’s being made to atone – in a private prison controlled by the Gulf Cartel.

Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 105 min.
Theme: Cinema, Conflicts, Creative, Human Rights, Latin American Studies, Personal Story, Politics, Women
Language(s): Spanish
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Tatiana Huezo
Producer(s): Nicolás Celis, Sebastián Celis see all »
Cinematographer: Ernesto Pardo
Editor(s): Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé, see all »
Excluded regions: Mexico, Germany, France


  • Press Kit
  • "A deeply disturbing film featuring case studies that display no regard for human life and dignity, this is highly recommended"
    Video Librarian
  • "The beautifully crafted and creative documentary 'Tempestad' traces the stories of two women whose lives, through no fault of their own, became utter, incomprehensible nightmares"
  • "Cerebral and emotional, Tempestad is a road movie fuelled by the memories of unjust punishment. It’s a bumpy but illuminating ride."
    Screen International
  • "Huezo puts those stories in service of a broader and much more ambitious remit: to tell us about a whole exploited underclass, a whole society, a whole country"
  • "Fascinating and important material"
    The Hollywood Reporter
  • "It would take a heart of stone not to be moved"
    The Upcoming (UK)
  • "The visual beauty of this exceptional documentary derives its nobility from the despair of its heartbreaking story"
    Critique Film (France)
  • "Tatiana Huezo directs with a steady pulse an approximation of the most honestly brutal and subtle human cruelty."
    El Antepenultimo Mohicano (Spain)
  • "According to standard documentary criteria, Tempestad is a very audacious film. With its views of streets, landscapes and nameless co-travelers, the film almost visually explodes and creates its Impact through the very things it does not show."
    Tagesspiegel (Germany)
  • "The director’s assured vision makes Tempestad so much more than a stylish creative exercise ... Without hint of hyperbole, a spellbinding film. Not one to miss."
    Exberliner (Germany)
  • "An ambitious movie which deserves to be seen."
    MUBI (UK)

Quotes & Tweets

    "A journey into the dominion of darkness: an empire of violence, human trafficking, corruption. With forcefully intensive images, this film takes us on a monstrous journey through hell. And at the same time, it is a passionate plea for freedom."

awards & accolades

  • Berlinale Forum - World Premiere
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest - TIM HETHERINGTON AWARD
  • DOK.Fest Munich - ARRI AMIRA AWARD
  • Festival de Lima - Best Documentary

Festival participation

  • Berlinale Forum 2016
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016
  • DOK.Fest Munich 2016
  • International Women Film Festival
  • Documenta Madrid
  • Transilvania IFF
  • New York Human Rights FF
  • Biografilm Film Festival
  • AFI Docs
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Maine IFF
  • Dokufest
  • Festival de Lima
  • Sarajevo Film Festival
  • Zurich Film Festival
  • Vancouver Film Festival
  • Busan Film Festival
  • Inconvenient Film Festival Best Film

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Additional Info

Production Company: Pimienta Films, Cactus Films, Terminal Films
Distribution Company: Cinephil


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