Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic

( Switzerland, USA / 2016 )
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In the fragile ecosystem of the North, climate change is most visible. Greenland’s ice sheet is melting rapidly, attracting curious scientists to study its cause and effect. At the island’s periphery, indigenous Inuit have relied on the seasonal sea ice for many centuries, for food and for clothing. Today, their lives are greatly affected by the changing climate, weather and water. In the striking landscape of Greenland, the documentary takes the audience to distinct geographical locations in Greenland: The Inland Ice Sheet, the capital Nuuk, Disko Bay and the village of Siorapaluk, a settlement that lies closest to the North Pole.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 58/70 min.
Theme: Animals, Conflicts, Ecology, Environment, Economy, Family, Food, Health, History see all »
Language(s): English, Kalaallisut, Inuktun
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Corina Gamma
Producer(s): Corina Gamma, Markus Kaeppeli, Stefan see all »
Cinematographer: Corina Gamma
Editor(s): Gisela Wybel, Anthony see all »
Excluded regions: Switzerland
Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic

Quotes & Tweets

  • Sidney JP Hollister, San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
    From a remarkable opening sequence to interviews with Inuits, whose language sounds like it has been chipped from ice, director and cinematographer Corina Gamma uses superb images, restrained but forceful editing, and Jorge Corante’s music to show us a world where Sila is slipping out of balance, while a team of international scientists tries to find out why, the Inuit struggle with its consequences.
  • Matt Howsam, Raindance Film Festival
    We are presented with a form of effortless documentary-making that invites you to learn and share its fascination with the beauty of the natural world. Considering the grim premise of climate change, “Sila” succeeds by advocating the ethereal connection between man and nature.

awards & accolades

  • Solothurner Filmfestival - Nominated for the Prix de Soleure

Festival participation

  • Solothurner Filmfestival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Raindance Film Festival
  • FICG
  • American Documentary Film Festival
  • San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

viewers comments

Additional Info

Production Company: Greensphere Productions
Distribution Company: First Hand Films


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