Seeds of Summer

( Israel / 2007 )
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Seven years after completing an IDF course for female combat soldiers, the director returns to the place where, for the first time, she fell in love with a woman – her commanding officer. Over the course of 66 days and nights, the film follows the girls in one of the IDF’s most rigorous combat courses and looks at the relationships that develop between girls in an environment subject to strict military code.
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Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 63 min.
Theme: Biography, Gender, LGBT, Middle Eastern Studies, Military, Sexuality, Society, Women
Language(s): Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Hen Lasker
Producer(s): Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky
Cinematographer: Lior Kipod, Hen see all »
Editor(s): Sari Ezouz, Ada see all »


  • Press Kit
  • "This rare look at femininity in uniform explores the fine line between admiration and infatuation, between power and desire, focusing on the moment when admiration transforms into homo-erotic love."
    Asafa Peled
  • "A marvelous documentary... Heavy artillery of irony and tenderness."
    Mariana Benenson
  • "An intimate film, fascinating in its honesty, which raises difficult questions about the role of women within the patriarchal-hierarchical army system … This sensitive documentary portrays the daily routines of this group of lost girls playing their part in the "game of war"…A penetrating and disturbing film."
    Rom Levkovich

Academic Notes

  • Seeds of Summer, Review by Maria San Filippo
    "Seeds of Summer (2007), the debut feature of Tel Aviv-based filmmaker Hen Lasker, documents girls' combat training for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the intensive course of instruction and preparation following every Israeli citizen's conscription at age 18. In the tradition of participatory documentary filmmaking, Lasker lived among the girls she was filming for 66 days and nights--an immersion that would not have been accessible to a male filmmaker, making this a necessarily woman-directed film."

awards & accolades

  • RIDM - Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal - DOCTAPE AWARD - SPECIAL JURY MENTION

Festival participation

  • In Competition - International Gay-Lesbian Festival for Audio-Visual Art of Andalusia 2009
  • In Competition - Sofia International Film Festival 2009
  • Official Selection - the Paris LGBT Film Festival "Cheries-Cheris" 2009
  • Official Selection - Asian Queer Film Festival (AQFF) 2009
  • RIDM - Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal 2008
  • In Competition - Frameline 33, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition - EntreVues, Belfort International Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition – NewFest - The 20th Anniversary New York LGBT Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition - 32nd São Paulo International Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition – OutFest - 26th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition – MiradasDoc (DOCOSUR) 2008
  • In Competition- The 27th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition - Inside Out Toronto Lesbian & Gay Film and Video Festival 2008
  • In Competition –The Jerusalem International Film Festival 2007

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Additional Info
In association with Sapir Academic Collage

Production Company: Eden Productions
Distribution Company: Cinephil- World Sales

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    • Official Selection – Michigan Women’s Music Festival (USA, August 2009)
    • Official Selection – The 4th Tel Aviv International LGBT FF (Israel, June 2009)
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    • In Competition Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (Italy, September 2008)
    • In Competition – Monterrey International Film Festival – SOCIAL VISION SHOWCASE (Mexico, August 2008)
    • In Competition – The International Women’s Film Festival (Israel, Sep. 2007)
    • Official Selection– Rosh Pina Tv Festival (Israel, October 2007)
    • Official Selection –International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund, “Queer Looks” platform (Germany, April 2008)
    • In Competition – Brooklyn International FF (USA, June 2008)



  • Broadcasts

    Television Broadcasts

    • Reshet,  Channel 2, Israel
    • Humanistische Omroep, The Netherlands
    • ITVS – USA
    • YLE, Finland
    • SBS, Australia
    • The Documentary Channel, USA
    • RTSI-TELEVISIONE SVIZZERA di lingua italiana, Switzerland
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Seeds of Summer

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