Like The Others

( Austria / 2015 )
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Mental illness is still a taboo in our society, even more so when it concerns children. A rare insight into the daily life at a child and adolescent psychiatric centre – we meet dedicated therapists, parents and patients with very different problems, united in the struggle to feel "like the others".

Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 95 mins
Theme: Children, Family, Health, Society, Youth
Language(s): German
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Constantin Wulff
Producer(s): Johannes Rosenberger
Cinematographer: Johannes Hammel
Editor(s): Dieter Pichler
Excluded regions: Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Albania, see all »
Like The Others


  • Press Kit
  • LIKE THE OTHERS is thrilling and touching at the same time.
  • By far the most serious and profound take on the topic of psychiatric disorders.
  • A classic, smart film featuring an institution.
    Der Standard

Festival participation

  • DIAGONALE 2015
  • DOK Leipzig 2015
  • Duisburger Filmwoche 2015
  • Kasseler DOK Fest 2015
  • Free Zone Film Festival Belgrade 2015

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Additional Info

Production Company: Navigator Film
Distribution Company: Autlook Filmsales

Like The Others

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