The Judge

( Israel / 2009 )
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Few judges anywhere have confronted the challenges faced by Aharon Barak, the former Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court. A survivor of the Holocaust, he knows firsthand the dangers posed by intolerance and xenophobia, and spent his career negotiating a delicate balance between Israel as a Jewish state and Israel as a democracy. Though often controversial, his rulings have become textbook cases for law students around the world. During his tenure Barak never spoke to the media. Now that he feels his time is running out, he has agreed to bare his soul—the soul of a judge—on camera for the very first time.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 53 min.
Theme: Jewish Studies, Law and Justice, Middle Eastern Studies, Politics
Language(s): English, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Ram Landes see all »
Producer(s): Ram Landes
The Judge

Festival participation

  • Jerusalem Film Festival 2009

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Production Company:
Distribution Company: Cinephil

The Judge

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