Jerusalem is Proud to Present

( Israel, Italy / 2007 )
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In 2006 Jerusalem was to host the World Pride events for the first time. The planned parade ignited turmoil in the politically complex city, with Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders banding together against this apparent "threat" to “defile the holy city”. As activists from Jerusalem’s LGBT community centre face violent anti-gay sentiment, it is not only their right to march that is under threat but their very lives.
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Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 80 min.
Theme: Conflicts, Current Affairs, Gender, Law and Justice, LGBT, Middle Eastern Studies, Sexuality, Society see all »
Language(s): English, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Nitzan Gilady
Producer(s): Nitzan Gilady, Galia Bador
Cinematographer: Shiri Bar-On
Editor(s): Daniel Avitzur
Jerusalem is Proud to Present


  • "Hot-Button Pic"
  • "Documenting History"
    Time Out
  • "Explosive and controversial"
  • "Masterwork"

Academic Notes

  • Is Queer Secular, by Thea Gold
    "It is no coincidence that the first World Pride gathering took place in Rome during the Roman Catholic Church’s 2000 Jubilee celebration and the following one was held in Jerusalem in 2006. “Dramatic conflict pits the city’s tolerance-oriented Open House [an LGBTI organization] against fundamentalist and superstitious critics,” summarizes Peter Debruge in his Variety review of Nitzan Gilady’s related film Jerusalem Is Proud to Present.4 Debruge’s summary underscores the prevalent liberal dichotomy fueling these cinematic dramas: the “enlightened” homosexual versus the “backward” religious fundamentalist (always assumed to be straight)."
  • Piercing the Bubble: The Battlegrounds of Recent Israeli Documentaries, by Gali Gold
    "The familiar, breathtaking views of the city of Jerusalem fill the screen of this documentary more than once. They serve in deliberate contrast to the harsh conflicts taking place on its streets. The film takes us to the heart of this city, upsetting the romantic image of a Jerusalem so many generations have been obliged to long for."
  • Queer Christian Responses to A Jihad for Love: The Case of Sweden, by Nilay Yelkenci

awards & accolades

  • Outfest LA - Outstanding Documentary Feature Award
  • Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - Audience Award and an Honorable Mention for excellence in documentary filmmaking
  • IDFA - Films that Matter Human Rights award
  • Chicago International Film Festival - The Hugo Television Award
  • Banff International Film Festival - Best Documentary Award
  • CMCA Mediterranean Challenges - Grand Prize

Festival participation

  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival 2007
  • Outfest LA 2007
  • Doc Sheffield International Film Festival 2007
  • Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2007
  • IDFA 2007
  • Chicago International Film Festival 2008
  • Banff International Film Festival 2008
  • CMCA Mediterranean Challenges
  • Festival de Popoli
  • Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival (FiCCO)
  • One World
  • Guth Gafa
  • PIFF (Busan International Film Festival)
  • Banff World Television Film Festival

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Production Company:
Distribution Company: Cinephil

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Jerusalem is Proud to Present

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