Gay Champions

( Netherlands / 2012 )
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In a precursor to the shocking state of affairs for LGBT people in Russia, two Dutch journalists travel to the equally oppressive Ukraine to observe its first-ever gay pride parade, planned to coincide with the Euro 2012 soccer finals in hopes of capturing the world’s attention. The vast majority of Ukrainians consider homosexuality an illness, and gays and lesbians have to hide their private lives. But when the secret route of the parade is leaked and hundreds of thugs from antigay groups descend to hunt down attendees, the hoped-for celebration becomes a dangerous game of hide-and-seek as the sobering reality sets in.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 48 min.
Theme: Activism, Gender, Human Rights, Investigative Journalism, LGBT, Media, Politics, Russian Cinema and Culture see all »
Language(s): Dutch, English, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Nicolaas Veul see all »
Producer(s): Karen van Dijk
Cinematographer: Tim den Besten, see all »
Editor(s): Femke Klein Obbink, see all »
Gay Champions

awards & accolades

  • Trut Fund - Trut Award

Festival participation

  • Roze Filmdagen 2013
  • One World, Prague 2013
  • Trut Fund 2012
  • Filmový festival Jeden svet, Slovakia 2013
  • Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2013

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Additional Info

Production Company: VPRO
Distribution Company: SND Films

gay champions

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