Everything Will Be

( Canada / 2014 )
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As dawn breaks and most of the city still sleeps, the long-time merchants of Vancouver’s Chinatown are hard at work. They haul out their produce stands and set up their makeshift vendor carts in preparation for what they hope will be a busy day. But, like many ethnic enclaves in urban centres across North America, their clientele is dwindling. This once vibrant and thriving neighbourhood is in flux as new condo developments and non-Chinese businesses move in and gradually overtake the declining hub of the Chinese community.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 86 min
Theme: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Business, Economy, Ethnography, Globalization, Immigration and Migration, Society see all »
Language(s): English, French
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Julia Kwan
Producer(s): David Christensen
Editor(s): Michael Brockington
Excluded regions: Canada
Everything Will Be

awards & accolades

  • Canadian Screen Awards - Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary

Festival participation

  • Canadian Screen Awards 2014
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2014
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 2014

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Additional Info

Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
Distribution Company: National Film Board of Canada

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