DHARAVI Slum for sale

( Switzerland / 2010 )
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At the heart of the constantly growing megacity Mumbai lies Dharavi, India's biggest slum. Close to a million immigrants from all over the country live and work here, contributing a vital share to the city's economy. In this no-man's land urban planner Mukesh Mehta sees his chance of a lifetime. Dharavi is to be knocked down and its profitable real estate to be turned into billions of Dollars. "Dharavi, Slum for Sale" follows the struggle between tradition and modernity and the fight of the underprivileged to defend their homes and livelihoods against mounting globalisation.
Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 52/79 min.
Theme: Asian Studies, Current Affairs, Ecology, Environment, Economy, Immigration and Migration, Investigative Journalism, Poverty, Urbanism
Language(s): Hindi
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Rob Appleby, Lutz Konermann
Producer(s): Thomas Thümena, Christof Neracher, Helmut see all »
Editor(s): Stefan Kälin, Michael see all »
Excluded regions: Switzerland
DHARAVI Slum for sale

Academic Notes

  • Capital limits on creativity: neoliberalism and its uses of art, by Jyotsna Kapur
    "Dharavi is not only a residential area but also a workspace where small scale industries, such as recycling, embroidery, leather work, and printing, etc., are carried on from the home. Shutting down businesses in this area means effectively turning the residents into a large servant class for the wealthy in their new residences slated to be built on these premises. Subsequently, the plan was obstructed by organized protests by residents who saw this as a means of eventually driving them out of the area, killing their livelihoods, and pricing them out of the market. In contrast to Pittsburg, the construction of Mumbai as a center for consumption has to proceed with open and overt force and efforts to corporatize public policy met with organized resistance. In Dharavi, Slum for Sale (Lutz Konermann, 2010), one of the residents remarks that Dharavi is a test case for the future, for how people will live on this planet."

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Additional Info

Production Company: Hugofilm
Distribution Company: CAT&Docs

DHARAVI Slum for sale

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