My Barefoot Friend

( Korea (South) / 2010 )
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In Calcutta, 20 thousand feet are running, all barefoot. They are rickshaw pullers, slowly disappearing out of the city’s landscape. For Shallim, his old and tired rickshaw has been his only means of hope. He has run endless miles with it, and plans to save up money to buy an auto rickshaw, to help him better support his family. However, sudden family illness and mounting hospital bills make Shallim's burden harden than ever before.

Formats: Digital Copy, DVD
Running Time: 82/52 min.
Theme: Asian Studies, Family, Health, Personal Story, Poverty, Urbanism
Language(s): Hindi
Subtitles: English
Director(s): Seong-Gyou Lee
Producer(s): Sigong Tech Co.
Excluded regions: Korea, Republic of, see all »
My Barefoot Friend

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  • Haifa
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Additional Info

Production Company: Sigong Tech Co.
Distribution Company: CAT&Docs

My Barefoot Friend

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