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Exploring the social and political systems at work in different corners of the world, this collection sketches international networks of politics and economics.

Politics Collection

  • Do Not Resist | Director: Craig Atkinson  
    Year of production: 2016 | Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    DO NOT RESIST is an urgent and powerful exploration of the rapid militarization of the police in the United States.
    Starting on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, as the community grapples with the death of Michael Brown, DO NOT RESIST - the directorial debut of DETROPIA cinematographer Craig Atkinson - offers a stunning look at the current state of policing in America and a glimpse into the future. This Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary puts viewers in the center of the action, – from a ride-along with a South Carolina SWAT team to inside a police training seminar that teaches the importance of “righteous violence”.
  • WALLS | Director: Pablo Iraburu   Migueltxo Molina  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: Spain | Language: Arabic, English, French, Spanish (with full English subtitles available)

    The world is increasingly divided by walls, physically separating the human beings living on either side of them. Brilliant editing connects people living and working on both sides of the controversial barriers between Mexico and the U.S., Spain and Morocco, Israel and Palestine and South Africa and Zimbabwe. This cinematic investigation explores the building and maintenance of these WALLS as a growing global phenomenon.
  • 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets | Director: Marc Silver  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    On Black Friday 2012, four African-American teenagers stopped at a gas station to buy gum and cigarettes. One of them, Jordan Davis, argued with Michael Dunn, a white man parked beside them, over the volume of music playing in their car. The altercation turned to tragedy when Dunn fired 10 bullets at the unarmed boys, killing Davis almost instantly. The seamlessly constructed, riveting documentary film 3 1⁄2 MINUTES, TEN BULLETS explores the danger and subjectivity of Florida's Stand Your Ground self-defense laws by weaving Dunn's trial with a chorus of citizen and pundit opinions, alongside the wrenching experiences of Jordan Davis' parents.
  • Drone | Director: Tonje Schei  
    Year of production: 2014 | Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Michael Haas has played war video games since he was 5. At 19 he is employed by the US AirForce as a drone pilot.
    This is the new warfare: Young gamers recruited to operate drones through their computers to kill real people 7000 miles away. This is not science fiction but today’s reality and the big investment of the future: Robot war. As technology expands at an unprecedented rate we are part of an experiment that changes our wars and possibly our world. DRONE gives crucial context and new perspectives that reveal crucial secrets of the CIA drone war and asks where we are headed.
  • Snow Monkey | Director: George Gittoes  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: Australia, Norway | Language: Arabic, English (with full English subtitles available)

    In Snow Monkey, Gittoes paints a portrait of a Jalalabad seething with humanity, adversity and hope – focusing on three gangs of children: the Ghostbusters, persecuted Kochi boys who hawk exorcisms of bad luck and demons; the Snow Monkeys, who sell ice cream to support their families; and the Gangsters, a razor gang led by a nine-year-old antihero called Steel, terrifying to the core but still capable of experiencing aspects of the childhood seemingly taken from him.
    With a deeply humane vision,Gittoes shows us the unseen nature of Afghanistan's politics, culture and society, up close and startlingly personal.
  • Guantanamo_Poster
    Guantanamo’s Child – The Omar Khadr Story | Director: Patrick Reed  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: Canada | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    An intimate portrait of how a teenager from a Toronto suburb became one of the first U.S. war crimes trial since the prosecution of Nazi commanders. Khadr is the only juvenile ever tried for war crimes. It gives Omar Khadr the opportunity to speak for himself on camera, for the first time.
    The documentary takes us from his childhood traveling between a Canadian suburb and Peshawar at the height of the jihad against the Soviets, to Afghanistan and the homes of Al Qaeda’s elite, into the notorious U.S. prisons at Bagram and Guantanamo Bay and back again to Canada.
  • Cartel Land | Director: Matthew Heineman  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: Mexico, USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    In this Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary, director Matthew Heineman and executive producer Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”, “Zero Dark Thirty”) gain unprecedented, on-the-ground access to the riveting stories of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy - the murderous Mexican drug cartels.
  • The Invisible War | Director: Kirby Dick  
    Year of production: 2012 | Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Casualties of war rage beyond the battlefield. As ranks of women in the American military swell, so do incidents of rape. An estimated 30 percent of servicewomen and at least 1 percent of servicemen are sexually assaulted during their enlistment, not by the enemy, but at the hands of fellow soldiers. With stark clarity and escalating revelations, The Invisible War exposes a rape epidemic in the armed forces, investigating the institutions that perpetuate it as well as its profound personal and social consequences.
  • Pray the Devil Back to Hell | Director: Abigail Disney   Gini Reticker  
    Year of production: 2008 | Country of production: Other, USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    This celebrated documentary tells the dramatic success story of the women's peace movement of Liberia, where Christian and Muslim women banded together to end their country's civil war. Leymah Gbowee, the central figure in the film, and the Women of Liberia are the recipients of the 2009 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award™.
  • Falciani’s Tax Bomb | Director: Ben Lewis  
    Year of production: 2015 | Country of production: Germany, Spain | Language: English, French, German, Greek, Spanish (with full English subtitles available)

    An insightful documentary on the professed HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani and the global controversy over banking privacy and international tax regulations of the last decade. In 2008, the former employee of HSBC stole over 300,000 bank accounts and distributed them to tax authorities worldwide - the biggest leak of secret bank accounts ever. Falciani’s list hit the international financial sector like a bomb and changed the course of history.
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